NASA Findings on Global Warming
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NASA Findings on Global Warming

You can argue the facts or you can do something about it. Help reduce greenhouse gases.

To this day, people continue to argue over what is truly causing Global Warming and if it really exists. The sad thing of this is that there is so much proof and people seem to be blinded by greed or selfishness to even acknowledge its existence. I for one can simply walk outside and notice the difference. There are so much green house gases trapped in our atmosphere that we are currently suffering a heat wave for at least the next week. My door is hot enough to cook an egg and doorjamb is hot enough for me to be concerned it may catch on fire. The air outside is not more than mid 70 to low 80’s around 9:30 am. This reflects those examples given to us how green house gases in the atmosphere mimic the effects of a magnifying glass toasting a bug. Only we are the bugs under the magnifying glass in this case.

I for one know better than to argue with a scientist when it comes to such things. NASA has taken pictures of our Earth over the years and these images show surface heat changes. Many argue that it is due to the sun growing in size over the years and putting gout more energy. NASA has factored these equations into their analysis and still the sun’s energy alone does not explain it without the fact of greenhouse gas levels being added into the equation. Our sun grows over time during its slow evolution into a red giant. This will take billions of years however, and the heat put out by the sun will be more continuous and eventually make it unlivable on Earth. That being noted, we are speeding up these effects through pollutions which some are naturally caused by fires and other natural disasters, but most is caused by man. You can either argue this or do something about it. Go to NASA’s official website and do your own research. It is very extensive on their site. Greenhouse gases are listed as:

Water vapor: The most abundant greenhouse gas, but importantly, it acts as a feedback to the climate. Water vapor increases as the Earth's atmosphere warms, but so does the possibility of clouds and precipitation, making these some of the most important feedback mechanisms to the greenhouse effect.

Carbon dioxide (CO2): A minor but very important component of the atmosphere, carbon dioxide is released through natural processes such as respiration and volcano eruptions and through human activities such as deforestation, land use changes, and burning fossil fuels. Humans have increased atmospheric CO2 concentration by a third since the Industrial Revolution began. This is the most important long-lived "forcing" of climate change.

Methane: A hydrocarbon gas produced both through natural sources and human activities, including the decomposition of wastes in landfills, agriculture, and especially rice cultivation, as well as ruminant digestion and manure management associated with domestic livestock. On a molecule-for-molecule basis, methane is a far more active greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, but also one which is much less abundant in the atmosphere.

Nitrous oxide: A powerful greenhouse gas produced by soil cultivation practices, especially the use of commercial and organic fertilizers, fossil fuel combustion, nitric acid production, and biomass burning.

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs): Synthetic compounds of entirely of industrial origin used in a number of applications, but now largely regulated in production and release to the atmosphere by international agreement for their ability to contribute to destruction of the ozone layer. They are also greenhouse gases

The consequences will be severe in many areas and not as noticeable in others right away. Mars is an example of what we might eventually transform our Earth into. Venus is even a worse example of such pollutions. The surface of Venus is far too hot to support life and its atmosphere is so full of pollutants that it is acidic.

Earth has been known to change over the years with climates, landscapes, and polar alignments. This is expected to occur again in 2012 during a planetary alignment based on Mayan religion and time keeping. This is a major natural occurrence, but the greenhouse gas levels are not. Scientific discoveries have come up with a timeline that is very disturbing by the year 2020. A group of over 1,300 independent scientists have determined that the earth has warmed drastically in the last 250 years and 90% of this warming was due to man. For further information, check out these links:

Article by Kevin C. Davison

"I write to entertain, and for a cause."

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Comments (4)

Great article. Even if man is not the actual cause of global warming, we should at least stop all of the polluting. By the time the argument is figured out, it might be too late.

Thank you Sam for reading between the lines and seeing the true message of the article.

Isn't it true though that the sun is steadily growing in size. Great article! My eyes were glued...;)

This is true about the sun growing but very slowly over the course of billions of years. Another discovery made by NASA I covered in another article was about our magnetic field that is suposed to block out the harmful radiation fromt he sun when it casts solar flares. NASA found a huge hole in it ten times the size of Earth so this could be contributing as well. Go to NAsa's website and you will find a lot that may open your eyes even more.