Nine Easy Ways To Save Electric Power And The Bill Too.
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Nine Easy Ways To Save Electric Power And The Bill Too.

These are the simple methods and some tips you can do to conserve the electricity and the environment.

Any season, summer or let there be a snowfall, the heat or the cold

is not a joke, and causes many health problems to people of all ages. Where I

live the climate is hot and dry. There is usually not much relief in price

when it comes to the e0lectricity bill. The gas bill is a whole other topic

in itself.

Here are some practical tips on how to save on your electricity bill, which

is also great for the environment Conservation.

1). Replace all of the standard bulbs in the apartment with fluorescent

bulbs. They are safer for the environment, plus they last longer (6 times

longer) than regular bulbs and they are proven to be brighter than standard bulbs as well. Although the price is a little steep, the benefit you get out of these types of bulbs make up

for the shortcomings.

2). Turn off lights when your not using them. This means when your done with

something unplug it, including appliances. Switching some appliance on its “STANDBY MODE” doesn’t put it off and , generally, does not save the electricity.

3). Power strip all appliances. I have two in my apartment: one for my

computer, router, and external hard-drive, another for my big screen TV and

vacuum cleaner as well. It is proven that just leaving appliances plugged in

without the power on with burn a constant rate of 40% more electricity and

you will see what I mean when you get your next power bill. With the power

strip you have full control when all of the appliances are on and off. When

your not home just flip your power strip off.

4). Keep the Air Conditioner set to 78.0 degrees F all day long when you are home, this is

the perfect temperature to create a balance in your living space. A

comfortable, yet affordable setting. This saves much electric power.

5). Keep blinds closed in the day, make sure to buy some blinds that cover

all of the window.

6) Check insulation in windows, and make sure no open extremities give hot

air a way to get inside! It keeps the bugs out as well, which can never be a

bad thing. Because if it goes like this, it will take more power for the A/C to cool your room.

7). Wash your dishes by hand! Why use the dishwasher? It

wastes electricity, and water as well, plus sometimes it goes wrong and take more time to wash.

8). Air dry laundry outside, it cuts down on the dryer bill also.

9). Limit your showers and do not run water in between brushing teeth or

washing dishes. It not only cuts back on electricity, but also your water


These are some simple tips or easy ways to save the electric energy, and hence the environment. This will also help you lower your electric bill considerably.

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Comments (2)

very helpful advices!

I really needed to hear this helpful advice. Thanks so very much.