Plastic Bottles Going Green for the Environment
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Plastic Bottles Going Green for the Environment

Plastic bottles are going "green" using alternative plastic compounds and materials, which are biodegradable.

We've heard about the environmental problems and concerns that the millions of plastic bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate are causing and the potential effects they may have on our future environments.  Our landfills are filled with these plastic bottles,and adding to those numbers are the plastic bottles sitting in public and neighborhood trash bins waiting for delivery to our landfills. Statements that they will decompose eventually hasn't left environmentalists feeling any better about the outcomes.

Statics on the news, and social media arenas are passing the word, that our lifestyles are major contributors. Plastic water bottles in our landfills have instigated research to look for alternatives that support our lifestyles, while improving the environment.

Our lifestyles won't change overnight, research needs to develop an alternative that works with the ecosystems, commerce and consumers.  Some of those solutions are about going "green" using alternative plastic compounds and materials, which are biodegradable. The good news is that new plastics have the same appearance of bottles we use today.  We already see the difference in service businesses supporting the "green" effects, giving back to the communities and the environment.

New Generation

Next generations are developing suitable plastic alternatives that can be recycled and reused without repercussion to the user or to the environment.   We're not surprised that these developers have been able to find friendlier alternatives for plastic, because they did it for fuel, and energy.  Research is being done to consider plant base components for future mixtures of plastics. The developers continue to strive with new discoveries and processes to produce "green" results.


Change isn't just about breaking a habit, it's about accepting new methods that improve our lives and environments.  It took a long time to get here, the improved results will take just as long.  Tomorrow we will look back with the comfort of knowing that we made a difference. Plastic bottles will not disappear from our lives, but they will change from the polyethylene terephthalate, which is a thermoplastic polymer resin materials being used today. They will be replaced with a healthier substance that surrenders to a simpler recycling process.


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Comments (1)

It disgusts me to see people throw away things such as bottles that can be recycled.